Andrew Joiner's Research Projects

The following research projects were papers submitted as required for IT classes in my college career.

Senior Thesis Project
Server Virtualization

This research project is an overview of the components in creating a Virtual Infrastructure using VMware as the software company as well as experiencing a hands-on approach to learning about how the different components are interconnected.

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Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS)

This research paper was created for the TCP/IP class involving analysis into the AX.25 protocol in the APRS Network which is primarily used in the Amateur Radio world.

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Recommendation Report on MVUHS Network

This recommendation report was a group effort in the Network Design class to analyze first hand a network and provided recommendations for improvement.

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IRLP VoIP Implementation

For the Unix/Linux Administration class, this short paper describes a VoIP implementation on a Linux system for the sole use of the Amateur Radio Community.

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Prevent Infection and Exterminate Spyware

This topic was for the Network Security class which explores the effectiveness of different programs removing spyware.

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Technical Writing Recommendation Report

This report identifies the effectiveness in concise writing and formatting techniques detailing recommendations for relocating a fictitous company.

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